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From Dave Bartmess <>
Subject Errors in cvschangelog module???
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:37:31 GMT
I'm getting an error from the cvschangelog task, as show below. I've
confirmed that all the files exist, and that cvs is executable from the
directory stated (I use MANY cvs commands in my ant build)

Can someone help? This is holding up a major testing phase!!! Thanks!

<target name="generate-releaseNote">
  <cvschangelog dir="${product.dir}"
    daysinpast="7" />
 <style in="${product.dir}/changelog.xml"
      <param name="title" expression="${cvstag} Release Notes"/>
      <param name="module" expression="${cvstag}"/>


Where package="le", tag="LER42X", product.dir="${basedir}/le", and

The error I'm getting says:

[cvschangelog]  CVS_PASSFILE=C:\<path substituted>\.cvspass
Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: Executing 'cvs' with arguments:

The ' characters around the executable and arguments are not part of the
[cvschangelog] retCode=1
[cvschangelog] log: invalid option: -- S
[cvschangelog] Usage: cvs log ..... <snip>


It looks like there's an error in the command line passed to cvs, cause
I'm not using anything with "S" in the name(s)! 

Please help!

David A. Bartmess
Software Configuration Manager / Sr. Software Developer
eDingo Enterprises
jSyncManager Development Team (
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