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From "Ed Moon" <>
Subject RE: How to select the view in p4add?
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 03:23:49 GMT
How do you have your p4 client setup? You should ensure that your
fileset command is referencing files within the directories mapped in
your client view.

IE, if I have the following in my client:
Client: emoon_lt
Root: /home/emoon/src/
View: //depot/project1/... //emoon_lt/project1/...

I should be able to use the following to add files via Ant:
	<fileset dir="/home/emoon/src/project1/" includes "**/*.java"/>

Please note that you don't have to specify a changelist. The p4add task
will add the files to the default changelist if the changelist attribute
isn't specified.

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From: Suzanne Dorman [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 6:35 AM
Subject: How to select the view in p4add?

I am trying to use p4add for the first time.  I know you have to do a
p4change to create a new changelist, do the add to that changelist, and
then do a p4submit to submit the changelist.  But how do I tell p4add
where in the Perforce depot to add the file?  I don't see a option to
specify the view.  I thought it would take the view from my last p4sync
but it didn't, it took a previous p4sync view instead.

Here is the example from the Ant user manual.  It never specifies where
the files will be added.

<p4add commandlength="20000" changelist="${p4.change}">
    <fileset dir="../dir/src/" includes="**/*.java"/> <p4add> <p4submit

Suzanne Dorman

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