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From Yves Martin <>
Subject Re: Maven style project description delegating to Ant.
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 07:09:42 GMT
"Donald Strong" <> writes:

> Hi all,
>   Has anyone done any work on or know of a project that uses a build
> configuration similar to Maven but then delegates to Ant targets?
> Perhaps thats what Maven does now, it has been a while since I looked at 
> it. Last time we tried it Maven was ideal for building and publishing 
> java libraries on the net but our requirments go in a different direction.
> I know that prior to Ant 1.6 there were xslt ant file generation scripts
> that did stuff similar to Ant Macros. Could these be used to generate
> ant scripts from a project configuration?
> What I want to be able to do is to get the developers to describe the
> filesets for the source code and the dependencies between components
> and other config stuff and the build meister to write the build process
> using Ant. I get the feeling this is almost possible with macros.


 You just described the build system I have written for my company - except I
 have a dedicated build.xml generation, instead of macro or xslt. Its main
 interesting points are:
 - really fast (only 1 build.xml to compile many modules with specific
   classpath for each module)
 - easily extensible: a plugin can generate project properties and add new
   targets in the build.xml and eventually create and use new Ant task
 - easily understandable: it is pure Ant and Java, core build system consists
   in 33 classes, 5 Ant build files (1 bootstrap and 4 plugins) and 1 property

 I think it covers really common needs but "negotiation" is in progress to
 publish it as open source...  I will let you know here when published.

Yves Martin

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