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From Yves Martin <>
Subject Re: cvs checkout
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 07:25:18 GMT
blackwater dev <> writes:

> Yes but this still creates the pollywog main directory...for example,
> I have a project in cvs named pollywog.  I want to check out it's
> contents to the root of apache so I would use:
>  <cvs
>    cvsRoot="/home/dev/"
>    package="pollywog"
>    dest="httpd/htdocs"
>    command="checkout -d pollywog"/>
> After this checkout, I have httpd/htdocs/pollywog which is what I
> don't want...I don't want the top level pollywog directory, just want
> all if it's contents checked out to htdocs.

 Sorry - my answer was silly, I have not realized it changes nothing.

 You may create a CVS alias in CVSROOT/modules like this:
   pollywog-htdocs   -d  htdocs  pollywog

 Now you have to write:

 If it does not suit you neither, you have to list the content of 'pollywog' in
 a CVS alias (suppose pollywog contains directories A, B and C):

  pollywog-content   -a   pollywog-A
  pollywog-A         -d   A      pollywog/A
  pollywog-B         -d   B      pollywog/A
  pollywog-C         -d   C      pollywog/A

 Now the following command will work as you expects (I hope so):

 But of course, you have maintenance to do on CVSROOT/modules when a directory
 appears or goes out.  I have no better solution to propose you.

 For more details, please report the CVS documentation about CVSROOT/modules.
Yves Martin

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