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From Oleg <>
Subject using Ant for auto deploy
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:26:49 GMT
Hi, I am just starting to get into Ant and wondering if its
appropriate for my task. Basically I have a hosting application
running on Tomcat 5, Apache 2, Windows 2003.  This application allows
user to signup for a virtual hosting account and deploys a java
application for that user, currently its all done by a java file. The
process of creating a user basically includes:

1. copy blank application files to users directory (.class, .jsp, html, images)
2. create an xml file with context for the application and copies it
into  Tomcat conf directory
3. copy a bunch of images based on clients selection while inserting
multiple database entries

Its all working great right now and I wouldnt even think about
switching but now I have to run this application on different servers,
though within same environment, directory locations and data stored to
database is different so naturally my deployment file grew pretty
large. Would Ant be a good fit for this?

Thank you very much

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