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Subject Attempting to split the same package into two jars
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 23:55:31 GMT
I am having a problem packaging up my JARs using ant.

Currently I am building a project which has the following elements:***

I want to create two jar files one which has and in
the same file and another which has the rest of* excluding the sbo
and tbo.

Below is what I have attempted:

  <target name="deploy">
      <echo message="Packaging BOF..."/>
                  <jar jarfile="${dist_dir}/${dist_bof_file}" >
                  <fileset dir="${scr_tbo_dir}"/>
                        <fileset dir="${scr_tbo_dir}"/>
    <echo message="Packaging server side Java code..."/>
    <jar jarfile="${dist_sun_dir}/${dist_sun_file}"
            excludes="${comp_sun_dir}/${scr_tbo_dir}/**, ${comp_sun_dir}/
${scr_sbo_dir}/**" />
    <echo message="Done."/>

There has the following two problems:

The first jar file packages the correct classes but doesn't include the at the start therefore the jar doesn't work correctly.

The second jar isn't excluding the* and*

Thanks a lot for any help.


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