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From "Donald Strong" <>
Subject Maven style project description delegating to Ant.
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 22:46:22 GMT
Hi all,

  Has anyone done any work on or know of a project that uses a build
configuration similar to Maven but then delegates to Ant targets?

Perhaps thats what Maven does now, it has been a while since I looked at 
it. Last time we tried it Maven was ideal for building and publishing 
java libraries on the net but our requirments go in a different direction.

I know that prior to Ant 1.6 there were xslt ant file generation scripts
that did stuff similar to Ant Macros. Could these be used to generate
ant scripts from a project configuration?

What I want to be able to do is to get the developers to describe the
filesets for the source code and the dependencies between components
and other config stuff and the build meister to write the build process
using Ant. I get the feeling this is almost possible with macros.

Any suggestions welcome,

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