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From "Michael Wang \(IT\)" <>
Subject Trick to Run Exec Task with Dir set
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 19:51:21 GMT

I have the following ant script.

	<target ...>
		<foreach target="_call.batch.proc.make_" param="proc.file">
			<param name="" value="mymakefile"/>
				<fileset id="proc.retek.file" dir="${source.dir}">
					<include name="*.pc"/>

	<target name="_call.batch.proc.make_">
		<basename property="" file="${proc.file}" suffix=".pc"/>
		<dirname property="" file="${proc.file}"/>
		<exec executable="make" dir="${}" failonerror="true">
			<arg value="-f ${} ${}"/>

I have to run "make" under ${} in order to get the code compiled.

for example, if I have the following files under ${}


I have to cd to that directory, and run

	make -f mymakefile a
	make -f mymakefile b
	make -f mymakefile c

Now, I keep getting error like "make: 1254-027 Cannot open mymakefile a.". I verified under
${directory_name}, the file mymakefile is there.

Any idea? Thanks.


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