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From Eric Rotick <>
Subject Creation of an executable jar problem
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:30:06 GMT
I've created an executable jar. When I run it with

java -jar myjar.jar

I get the NoClassDefFoundError: error.

I've looked in the list archives and there are several posts about ant
not creating an executable jar correctly but none of these come to any
real conclusion as to why.

I've extracted the jar and everything looks OK. I then created a new
jar from the command line with the extracted contents and this works.

One other thing is that the sizes of the two jars are different. If a do a

jar tvf 

on each of them, the contents are exactly the same size.

I'm not creating a jarindex on either of them and I make sure that
both are compressed or both are not. When compressed the difference is
about 100 bytes and when not compressed the difference is 8 bytes.

Any ideas.

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