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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject How to?: add target dependencies
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:30:44 GMT

I've been using ant for some time, but I'm no expert.  I just joined 
this list.  And here's my question! :-)

Actually, I can't even think how to phrase this question in any more 
general terms :-)... so I'll just describe specifically what I'm trying 
to accomplish (part of it will only make sense if you understand 
Subversion, but oh well).

I've got several "modules" that I need to be able to build into various 
projects.  So what I think I'd like to be able to do is use <macrodef> 
and then be able to just call out the modules like so:

	<module name="killer-app" />
	<module name="job-security" />
	<module name="legacy-crap" />
	<!-- etc... -->

The idea is that this would

(a) build up a file that I can use to invoke "svn propset svn:externals 
-f", then "svn update" the external 'mount-point' if it doesn't exist 
— i.e., "fetch" the module sources into the local project;

(b) create a task for each module (e.g., "modules:killer-app") that 
calls <ant> in the module subdirectory and also does some other stuff;

(c) make it so that the task "module" invokes all the module targets.

I think I can handle all the ant machinery for (a) and (b); it's just 
(c) that has me flummoxed.

This kind of thing is a way of life in 'make'... there, you don't even 
think about it.  You can say:

	modules:; module.killer-app
	modules:; module.legacy-crap

to successively add dependencies to a target.  So you can do the same 
thing in a macro ("modules:; this_module" or whatever).  Or, you can 

	MODULES += this_module


	MODULES = $(MODULES) this_module

(depending on the variant of make), and then later:

	modules: $(MODULES)

So there are a couple of ways in make, but I haven't seen that it's 
possible to add a dependency to an existing target.  And Ant properties 
are immutable, so I can't go that way...

BTW this isn't meant as an ant vs. make thing, I just mention it in the 
hopes that maybe somebody else with a 'make' background will recognize 
what the crap I'm talking about :-) :-).

Any suggestions?

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