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From hanasaki <>
Subject dynamic classpath during build - how can this be done?
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 03:34:45 GMT
Hi... I would be great full for some pointers in accomplishing the

Our project needs to hook into ANT so any resources or classes that are
needed are supplied by our utility class.  At first, this appeared to be
a need to customize "classpath" in ANT to use our utility class.  Later,
it seemed to fall more into the category of replacing the class loader
used by ANT (not sure if ANT uses its own or the standard from Java).

This need is based on our application that using configuration
information, from a variety of sources, to determine what to load from
where.  This information is not statically defined at the startup of the
application but instead may change over the lifetime of a single running
instance of the application.

thanks in advance

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