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From Henning Waack <>
Subject Re: XML and copy directories
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 10:52:00 GMT
Hello all.

Thanks again for your input, I will evaluate if it is worth 
to learn Ant for the coming project. Normally I would say 
yes, but I have a tight schedule, so I don't know if I can 
afford to learn something new.
>>One minute... ALL (ok, almost) of us, using Ant know Java! Ant was 
>>designed mainly for programmers. There is tons of stuff Ant will 
>>automate, that will take you much longer to write in Java. It's worth 
>>spending some time learning Ant.
>>My $0.02
>     I'm finding that it is /much/ easier sometimes to write out an
>     Ant task, compile, and invoke it. All my projects are set so
>     that they have this capability.
>     I spent a lot of time trying to write stuff in Ant and have come
>     to the conconclusion that there are many tasks Java will
>     automate, that will take me much longer to write in Ant.
>     Ant tasks are simple to write, anyhow. All the nice features of
>     an Ant script, the dependencies, the paths, the super-globbing,
>     are available to your Java Ant task.



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