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From James Fuller <>
Subject Re: XML and copy directories
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 08:16:29 GMT
Ninju Bohra wrote:

>The safe answer is yes and no...
>Out of the box, the ANT distribution (along with the ant-contrib project) comes with a
number of concepts (tasks and structures) that would be helpful (<copy>, <fileset>,
<propertyregex>, etc...) to accomplish MOST of what you want.
>The one area that is not currently pre-built is the ability to read a value from an artibrary
XML file.  But since ANT is fully expandable, it should be possible to write a quick custom
task, or a small piece of <script> code, to accomplish the XML reading.  I say this,
with great confidence, because I had to extend our ANT build file so that I could read values
from an XML files and put them in a property value and was able to write a generic custom
task in about a 6 hours to do just that.
>If you have a fully installed ANT environment and are interested in my custom task, please
let me know...
>Henning Waack <> wrote:
>Hello all.

btw you could just load up an xml file using <xmlproperties/> which does 
give you access to value encapsulated by elements and 
attributes...additionally there are a few existing 3rd party XML tasks 
for assisting in this.

gl, Jim Fuller

>I am new to Ant, I have no experience with it. I need to
>evaluate if Ant can be used for a project I work on. Since I
>have some difficulties getting the information I need from
>the web, I would like to give you a rough overview of my
>demands and ask you to tell me, if this is possible. I don't
>need any specific implementation, just the information if it
>is useful to use ant for my project or some other language.
>One requirement for the project is the following. I have a
>XML-file with directory names in it, like:
>According to these entries, I need to access the directories
>and copy all files within (and all files in subdirectories)
>to one single directory. Also, I need to rename all files,
>giving them a prefix with the value of the directory they
>are stored in.
>Can this be done reasonably with Ant?
>Thank you very much for you help.
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