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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Script task in imported files seem to fail
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:10:47 GMT
Can you provide a small example of the problem ?


Geoff Krapf wrote:

>I just started playing around with a script task, and ran into a weird
>problem.  I'm using the script in a build file that's imported into other
>build files using the <import> task, i.e., build.xml imports import.xml at
>the beginning of the build.xml file (right after the <project> node
>Inside import.xml I've got a <macrodef> that calls the <script> task.  The
>script task is language="javascript".  I have bsf.jar and js.jar in my Ant
>lib/.  The script is extremely simple, it's just converting a date stamp
>from one format to another.
>When I put a simple target in my import.xml and call my macro, and a execute
>that target using "ant -f import.xml run-macro", everything works fine.  If
>I make a call to that macro from build.xml, I get this error:
>C:\Projects\build.xml:675: The following error occurred while executing this
>C:\Projects\import.xml:80: The following error occurred while executing this
>C:\Projects\import.xml:54: The following error occurred while executing this
>C:\Projects\import.xml:24: ConversionError: The undefined value has no
>If I remove all of the lines in the JavaScript the build works (well, it
>gets to the point where it needed the results of that script); if I have
>just one line, and importClass statement, I get this error.
>My guess is that the project context is not being passed correctly into the
>import/macrodef/script chain, because the source has these lines
>in execute():
>	  runner.addBeans(getProject().getProperties());
>        runner.addBeans(getProject().getUserProperties());
>        runner.addBeans(getProject().getTargets());
>        runner.addBeans(getProject().getReferences());
>        runner.addBean("project", getProject());
>        runner.addBean("self", this);
>But I don't really know.  Anyone have any ideas?
>- Geoff
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