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From Nat Gross <>
Subject Re: A dirset,path,fileset...anything that returns ${myPath}/**/ejb
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 00:07:27 GMT
Matt Benson wrote:

>--- Nat Gross <>
>>I have tried various methods to achieve this simple
>>task, to no avail.
>>In different projects I have various number of dirs,
>>but all have one 
>>branch with the last dir = 'ejb'.
>>I might have ${srcRoot}/a/b/c/ejb or
>>${srcRoot}/a/ejb, etc,
>>I want a refid that returns that complete path to
>>stuff into a property.
>>I have tried, for example:
>><dirset id="ejbPath" dir="${srcRoot}"
>>        <type type="dir"/>
>>But I have also tried similar constructs with <path>
>>and selectors, 
>>with/without 'type="dir"'. No go.
>>Why am I so stupid?
>>Oh. The real question is how to do this, please
>>ignore my stupidity:).
>I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for.  The
>property task will resolve paths when used with the
>location attribute.  The pathconvert task can resolve
>the locations of files in a fileset.  Does either of
>these help you?
Can the location attribute take a wildcard for an unknown number of dir 
elements leading to one known last element?

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