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From Jon Pearse <>
Subject Ant, and user input in Java
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 14:31:11 GMT

   I'm using ant to compile and then run a Java application which takes 
user input from the command line via In my build.xml file:
	<java classname="installer.Installer"
		classpath="${basedir}/installer/*.class" fork="true"/>

   However, it appears that ant is holding onto, so when my 
application attempts to read from it, ant is providing it with null 
   I've chatted to a couple of people about this and they've said that 
this is a known problem, and that there is a workaround... but I've hit 
the web and browsed this mailing list, and I've found no obvious 
mention of anything related to this (other than other people saying 
"I'm getting NullPointerExceptions"). So, does anyone have any ideas 
about workarounds for this particular issue, or am I stuck?

   On a related issue, if I don't specify fork in the above command 
(thus running the java app in the same VM), ant complains that it can't 
find the class, and that I should make sure it's in the classpath. I've 
not found anyone who can work out why that is, either - I'm pretty sure 
I've done something wrong, but I've no idea what.

   Thanks in advance for any help,


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