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Subject [ANN] Antigen - Ant Installer Generator 0.2 released
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 01:52:59 GMT
The antigen team is pleased to announce the Antigen - Ant Installer Generator 
0.2 release!

Antigen is a tool and a java library for wrapping up Ant scripts in a GUI. You 
are, no doubt, familiar with the power of Ant for writing build scripts, 
deployment scripts and sundry other tasks. Antigen wraps up an Ant script as 
an executable jar file and combines it with a user-friendly GUI. This is 
particularly useful for using Ant to write installers - your end user does not 
need to have Ant installed on his or her machine, and Antigen's GUI is a 
little more friendly than a text-based CLI. 

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Included a commandline option to run the whole installer on the commandline 
  for use when there is no graphical environment available. In this case, 
  Antigen is little more than Ant bundled up into an executable jar, but it 
  does still allow the user to select from a list of tasks, and the intro and 
  outtro html pages are converted to plain text. 
o Changed the logging to use JDK 1.4 logging instead of log4j. This was done 
  simply to reduce the size of the binary rather than any preference for it. 
o Only minimal debug info is sent to the console now, unless the -d switch is 
  used on the commandline. 
o Ported to Ant 1.6.2. Only the optional tasks in ant-nodeps.jar are provided 
  by default.  

Have fun!
-The antigen team

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