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From Shigemoto FUJIKURA <>
Subject javac task
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 11:30:22 GMT
hi all,

im stacking on an error which produced by javac task.
when i use javac task like this:

  <javac destdir="${classes}" includeantruntime="no">
    <src path="${src}"/>
      <pathelement path="${lib}/aaa.jar"/>
      <pathelement path="${lib}/bbb.jar"/>

the following error occurs.

  [javac] Compiling 241 source files to /home/classes
  [javac] /home/src/ cannot access xxx.yyy.Zzz
  [javac] file xxx/yyy/Zzz.class not found
  [javac]              output.setMessage(qname);
  [javac]                      ^

i know this compile error is NOT a classpath issue. because when i 
execute javac by exec task with almost same args, it succeeds.

  <property name="jars" value="${lib}/aaa.jar:${lib}/bbb.jar"/>


  <exec executable="javac">
    <arg line="-classpath ${jars} \
      -sourcepath ${src} \
      -d ${classes} \

additionally, when i execute javac on command line, it also 

does anyone know what is the difference between executing javac 
with javac task and exec task?



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