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From "David A. Bartmess" <>
Subject Problem with line endings
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:37:00 GMT
I've got an ant script that appends using the <echo> task to a file and then 
ftp's the file to the server for use in validating a build after the fact.

The machine doing the build and validation is a Linux machine, and the server 
we stage the build on (where it does the validation) is a LInux machine also.

The problem lies in that the validation routine (a separate custom task that 
calls a cgi script on the server) dies on the ^M that is put in the file by 
the echo task. I'm using ${line.separator} to add the line endings, but it 
always seems to be a CRLF instead of the LF I expected. 

I expected to see echo use the LF only, since it's a Linux machine and the 
default line separator is a LF... 

If I run dos2unix on the file(s), everything works fine...

Any ideas?
David A. Bartmess
Software Configuration Manager / Sr. Software Developer
eDingo Enterprises
jSyncManager Development Team (
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