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From Alan Gutierrez <>
Subject Re: XML and copy directories
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 22:03:33 GMT
* Nat Gross <> [2005-02-04 11:07]:
> Henning Waack wrote:
> >Hello James and Ninju.
> >
> >James Fuller wrote:
> >
> >>Ninju Bohra wrote:
> >>
> >>>Well,
> >>>
> >>>The safe answer is yes and no...
> >>
> >
> >>
> >>btw you could just load up an xml file using <xmlproperties/> which 
> >>does give you access to value encapsulated by elements and 
> >>attributes...additionally there are a few existing 3rd party XML 
> >>tasks for assisting in this.
> >>
> >>gl, Jim Fuller
> >
> >
> >Thanks for your answers, I will consider the possibilities, though it 
> >seems to me, that doing this with some Java could be easier... 
> >especially for me, since I don't know anything about Ant but about 
> >Java...
> >
> One minute... ALL (ok, almost) of us, using Ant know Java! Ant was 
> designed mainly for programmers. There is tons of stuff Ant will 
> automate, that will take you much longer to write in Java. It's worth 
> spending some time learning Ant.
> My $0.02
> -nat

    I'm finding that it is /much/ easier sometimes to write out an
    Ant task, compile, and invoke it. All my projects are set so
    that they have this capability.
    I spent a lot of time trying to write stuff in Ant and have come
    to the conconclusion that there are many tasks Java will
    automate, that will take me much longer to write in Ant.

    Ant tasks are simple to write, anyhow. All the nice features of
    an Ant script, the dependencies, the paths, the super-globbing,
    are available to your Java Ant task.

Alan Gutierrez -

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