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Subject Re: Ant should have an ext directory
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 18:38:41 GMT
  "Dick, Brian E." <> writes:

  > Understood, but I want to create a department-wide ant distribution that
  > is augmented with common extension libraries. None of the options you
  > list make this particularly clean and easy to manage.

You may want to look into Maven for this one.  You keep your sources
on a common server, describe these in a ".xml" file.  Maven downloads
the sources to the local development environments, caching them there 
as well as executing the build targets in your ant files.

I'm going to be looking into it to keep track of which/where SQLServer
and Oracle jars are, as well as the beanshell and other distributions.
Seems quite promising.

I'm pretty sure you could define all your extension libraries,
versions and where they go in the maven descriptor files.  It also
allows different projects to have different distributions. (I believe
it uses an override mechanism)


Galen Boyer

  > -----original Message-----
  > From: Ivan Ivanov [] 
  > Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 12:33 PM
  > To: Ant Users List
  > Subject: Re: Ant should have an ext directory
  > Dick,
  > --- "Dick, Brian E." <> wrote:
  > > Does anyone else get an icky feeling when copying
  > > extension libraries
  > > into the lib directory? Isn't that why the java
  > > runtime added the ext
  > > directory?
  > Ant 1.6 or higher hunts for its jars on three places:
  > ${ant.home}/lib, ${user.home}/.ant/lib and the
  > directory specified by -lib option of ant laumching
  > script. So from Ant 1.6 I do copy no jars in
  > ${ant.home}/lib; instead I place them in
  > ${user.home}/.ant/lib. This ease me when I change
  > ant/jdk version I work with.
  > HTH Ivan
  > > 
  > > Later,
  > > BEDick
  > > 

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