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Subject Re: Ant should have an ext directory
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 12:55:35 GMT
"Robert r. Sanders" <> writes:

  > Yeah, but I don't think this is what the question was about.  

I understood that.

  > It would be nice to have a place to put the (global) ant extensions
  > you are using to keep them separate from the main/default ant
  > libraries to help with file management, etc... The best I can think
  > of: Create an ext directory in a central location, then use a build
  > process to merge it with a base ANT install; then copy the results
  > out to everyone in your department.  Not as nice as if ANT supported
  > this directly, but it might help.

This is seemingly what Maven offers, was my point.  I guess one could
say ant should offer it, but the impetus of the Maven project is ant.
Maven (from what I've read and talked to others about) offers a way to
have a server host all of a project's libraries, with different
versions, and then an xml file describes what libraries they want.  No
sticking the libs in source control for checkout, no shared folders of
libraries without control over their sources.  No worrys of which
versions you might have.  Instead, describe your needs in an xml file
ant let Maven take care of putting them where they should be.

  > wrote:
  > >  "Dick, Brian E." <> writes:
  > >
  > >  > Understood, but I want to create a department-wide ant distribution that
  > >  > is augmented with common extension libraries. None of the options you
  > >  > list make this particularly clean and easy to manage.
  > >
  > >You may want to look into Maven for this one.  You keep your sources
  > >on a common server, describe these in a ".xml" file.  Maven downloads
  > > the sources to the local development environments, caching them
  > > there as well as executing the build targets in your ant files.
  > >
  > >I'm going to be looking into it to keep track of which/where SQLServer
  > >and Oracle jars are, as well as the beanshell and other distributions.
  > >Seems quite promising.
  > >
  > >I'm pretty sure you could define all your extension libraries,
  > >versions and where they go in the maven descriptor files.  It also
  > >allows different projects to have different distributions. (I believe
  > >it uses an override mechanism)
  > >
  > >HTH.
  > >
  > >
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