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From "Lieve Van den Heuvel" <>
Subject CVS command with Ant in IntelliJ
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:17:35 GMT

I'm just new to the mailing list but I'm experiencing a very
"frustrating" problem.  I've written a buildscript for our project but
I'm not able to execute a cvs-command in the buildfile.

The environment I'm working in:
Ant: 1.6.2
CVSNT (from winCVS -> latest stable version)
Idea IntelliJ 4.5.3

When I try to execute the target at the command line, everyting works
perfectly.  The error I get is:

Caught exception: CreateProcess: cvs
update -d -l ids/java error=2

I know what the exception means, he can't find the cvs.exe.  I already
tried to set it as an additional path for the ant execution -> didn't
work, I also
tried to run a command file before the execution, setting the path ->
didn't work, so now I'm pretty much out of ideas to figure out what is
going wrong.

Does anybody have any idea what could cause this problem?

I would be very very thankful for your answer!

This is a part of the build file:
<!-- The files contains the cvs.repository property
<property file="conf/"/>
<property name="cvs.package.dependencies" value="ids/java/lib"/>
<property name="cvs.package.conf" value="ids/java/conf"/>

<target name="set.environment">
        <exec dir="${basedir}/${conf.dir}" executable="cmd.exe">
            <arg value="/c setenv.cmd"/>

<target name="dependencies" depends="set.environment"
description="Update the external libraries that are used from CVS">
        <cvs command="update -d" cvsroot="${cvs.repository}"
package="${cvs.package.dependencies}" dest="."/>
        <cvs command="update -d" cvsroot="${cvs.repository}"
package="${cvs.package.conf}" dest="."/>
        <cvs command="update -d -l" cvsroot="${cvs.repository}"
package="ids/java" dest="."/>


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