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From "michael sorens" <>
Subject Re: up-to-date-ness and cmd-line args
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 15:48:55 GMT
The only reference I find to "<apply>" is in "requested-features.txt" -- I assume that
means it has not yet been implemented (or released) ...?

In any case, here's my example:

  <target name="checkJsMenuBuild">
		<uptodate property="JsMenuBuild.notRequired"
			<srcfiles dir="${jslib}">
				<include name="${jslib}/Util/Version.js"/>
				<include name="$jsmenu}/ccmenu.js"/>
				<include name="${jslib}/Util/NavKeys.js"/>

     <target name="jsar-menu" depends="init, checkJsMenuBuild"
		description="build js-archive file of JavaScript modules">
		<java fork="true" dir="${js}"
			<arg value="${jslib}/Util/Version.js"/>
			<arg value="$jsmenu}/ccmenu.js"/>
			<arg value="${jslib}/Util/NavKeys.js"/>

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 09:37:55 -0600, Dominique Devienne <> wrote:

>> From: michael sorens []
>> I want to run a java task with a specific list of file names as
> command-
>> line arguments (typically <arg value="..."> for each file), but I also
>> want to run a <uptodate> check with a fileset that is precisely the
> same
>> list of files. How can this be done without having to enumerate the
> same
>> list in two places?
> If your <arg value="..."> is in fact <arg value="filename">, as opposed
> to
> <arg value="-someoption filename">, then <apply parallel="true"> should
> do
> the trick.
> If you'd post a short example with say three files of the Ant code where
> you'd like to avoid duplication you describe, maybe you'd get a more
> definite answer as to whether it's easy or possible to achieve ;-) --DD
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