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From "Shatzer, Larry" <>
Subject taskdef failing when classpathref contains a non existent directo ry
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 00:05:31 GMT
Consider the following directory structure and build file:

You have a build.xml in the root directory, with a directory named lib1 with
the ant-contrib jar file found in there.

Here is your build file:

<project name="test" default="test">
	<path id="local.classpath">
		<fileset dir="./lib1">
			<include name="**/*.jar"/>
		<fileset dir="./lib2">
			<include name="**/*.jar"/>
	<target name="test">
		<echo message="Made it"/>

If you run this, you get:

C:\sandbox\test\build.xml:10: C:\sandbox\test\lib2 not found.

Now if you add the directory lib2, it works fine.

I found this with a project we are doing in house where we have a master
build script running over a list of sub-projects building it, and some of
the sub-projects will not have a lib directory.

Is it possible to have non existent directories listed in your path, and not
have taskdef blow up on it?

-- Larry

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