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From "Russell Johannesson" <>
Subject RE: How to supress output
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 01:18:16 GMT
I recently raised a similar issue for ClearCase. In fact, I submitted an 
enhancement request.

One developer responded that no one had ClearCase, and so they couldn't test 
such a change even if they made it. Perhaps this issue could be addressed 
more generally for any task that does a Runtime.exec call internally.

In the meantime, I've worked around the problem in a clumsy way using the 
"exec" task to run another ant process as follows. It seems to work on 

		The file target used to discard output.
		"/dev/null" is standard for Unix-type systems.
		It's "NUL" on Windows.
	<property name="file.null" value="NUL"/>

		The name of the shell used to invoke ant.
	<property name="" value="cmd.exe"/>

		The name of the file used to invoke ant.
		"ant.bat works on Windows.
	<property name="" value="ant.bat"/>

		Does the actual work of updating the ClearCase tree.
		Should be called by ccUpdate inside an exec task if
		standard-output suppression is desired.
	<target name="doCcUpdate">
		<ccupdate viewpath="${clearcase.viewpath}"/>

		Wraps the update in an exec to suppress verbose output
	<target name="ccUpdate">
		<echo level="info">Sending output to ${file.null}</echo>
		<exec executable="${}" output="${file.null}">
			<arg line="/c ${} doCcUpdate"/>

>Subject: How to supress output
>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 18:36:16 -0500
>I am new to Ant.  My ant script sends out email at the end of each build 
>The problem that I have is that our version control system, Perforce, 
>produces so much output our emails become huge.  Is there a way to redirect 
>the p4sync tasks output or "turn off" the MailLogger temporarily?

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