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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: Question about depend task
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:45:20 GMT
> From: Rhino []
> I've been looking at the 'depend' task and wonder if I can use it to
> determine all of the dependencies that a given class has - INCLUDING
> dependents of the dependents of the dependents, etc. NOT JUST the
> generation dependents.
> Unfortunately, the manual article about 'depend' is more confusing
> enlightening. It says:
> "The depend task works by determining which classes are out of date
> respect to their source and then removing the class files of any other
> classes which depend on the out-of-date classes."

Yep. That's what it does. Remove/delete .class file on disk ;-)

> Just what do they mean by "removing the class files of any other
> classes"??
> To me, 'remove' is more or less synonymous with 'delete' and I do NOT
> anything deleted from my IDE (Eclipse)! I simply want to know all of
> classes upon which a given class depends (RECURSIVELY!!) so that I can
> them together.

Then what you want is in fact <classfileset>, no? --DD

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