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From "Mark D. Hansen" <>
Subject multiple classpaths / subprojects
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 13:52:54 GMT
Is there a "standard method" for running a sub-project using a different classpath than the
master project is using?

For example, if you invoke ant using:

ant -f foo-build.xml -lib foo-classpath foo

on the following foo-build.xml:

<target name="foo">

  <do some stuff ...>

  <ant antfile="bar-build.xml" target="bar">
	?? <lib path="bar-classpath"/> ??


Does the "ant" task invoked inside target "foo" have to inherit the classpath specified when
ant was originally invoked?

The reason that this comes up is that I need to build different parts of my system using different
implementations of the same APIs (e.g., JAXP, JAX-RPC).

Perhaps the only way to do this is to build the sub-project using <exec ...> or forking
 <java ..> task that invokes a new instance of ant with the new classpath.  The problem
with that approach is that I'd like to have the sub-project inherit the properties of the
master project.

Thanks for the help.

-- Mark

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