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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Compiling against a shared code area
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 06:23:38 GMT

It's possible that the Ant-contrib CompileWithWalls task might work.  I've 
never tried it because it is both complicated (at least from its 
description, I've never actually tried it) and it seems to me to cover up 
larger problems with source layout and package/class separation.  Again, 
I'm not speaking from experience, only having browsed the docs a while 
back.  Check it out if you can't fix your compile issues any other way.


At 02:56 PM 1/2/2005 -0500, you wrote:
 >To the best of my knowledge Ant does not support VPATHs.
 >Jeffrey E. Care (
 >WebSphere Build SWAT Team Lead
 >WebSphere Build Tooling Lead (Project Mantis)
 >"McIntosh, Stephen" <> wrote on 12/30/2004 04:31:00
 >> Hello.  I'm not quite a newbie user of Ant, but I'm not an expert
 >> I'm hoping there's a solution to my problem:
 >> I would like to have Ant compile a set of java files against two
 >> source directories, one "local" and one "shared".
 >> This can easily be done like this:
 >> <javac   srcdir = "${local}:${shared}"
 >>    destdir="${dest}">
 >> </javac>
 >> except that this solution assumes that the local and shared directories
 >> not have any overlapping files.
 >> In my situation, there necessarily will be a lot of overlapping files.
 >> The above method leads to a "duplicate class" error.
 >> Is there a way for me to make Ant take source files from the shared area
 >> unless they exist in the local area, and then take them from the local
 >> instead?
 >> Thanks,
 >>   Steve

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