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From Douglas Kramer <Douglas.Kra...@Sun.COM>
Subject Ant: java task - invalid flag
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:53:28 GMT
The following java task fails with this error:

javadoc: error - invalid flag: -doclet

which is a perfectly valid option for javadoc.

Notice java calls javadoc Main, which then

     <java dir="${sample}/example-commandline" classname="" maxmemory="20M">
                location="/mifdoclet/ws/build/jar/mifdoclet_toolkit.jar" />
                location="/jdk1.5.0/lib/tools.jar" />
         <arg value="-doclet" />
         <arg value="-d ./sample-out" />
         <arg value="-sourcepath ../sample-src" />
         <arg value="com.package1" />

The equivalent command line command that works is:

java \
-classpath /mifdoclet/ws/build/jar/mifdoclet_toolkit.jar:/programs/jdk1.5.0/lib/tools.jar
\ \
-doclet \
-d ./sample-out \
-sourcepath ../sample-src \

Could something be wrong with the <arg value=xxx> lines?


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