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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: perforce tasks
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 22:27:28 GMT wrote:

>I notice that the perforce tasks have a failonerror attribute, but I don't see any way
to set a property if there is an error.  Am I just missing something?
I think the failonerror attribute can just be used to make the Perforce 
tasks more lenient on some type of errors; but if you say 
failonerror="false", you cannot get the error(s) which happen, they are 

>I've also found what I think are a few errors (or at least places that could be clarified)
in the manual page for the Perforce optional tasks.
>In the P4Change description:
>"Request a new changelist from the Perforce server. This task sets the ${p4.change} property
which can then be passed to P4Submit, P4Edit, or P4Add, or P4Delete, then to P4Submit."
>I think the first P4Submit should be P4Integrate.
Sounds true.

>Also, in the section about parameters to P4Integrate, it says:
>"If a branch definition is supplied, at least one of fromfile or tofile should be supplied."
>Perhaps I'm mis-reading, but I think "should" ought to be "must". "Should" implys that
it's optional (but a very good idea), and "must" implys it won't work if you don't do this
- which is what I found to be the case. :)
You are right. Sorry, I do not know all the subtleties of English. (or 
thought that must was to coercitive on the reader of the manual).


Antoine Levy-Lambert

>Kajsa Anderson
>Thomson Legal & Regulatory
>Research & Development - RAD Team

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