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From Swathi Rao <>
Subject Problems with copying and renaming files
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 20:21:01 GMT

I have some files which get generated as intermediate files while
running a process. However I need to use these files in the further
steps. But the names for the files are generated randomly...except for
the suffix and extension. I need to copy these files and rename them
before using them.

For ex: if the names of the files generated are 

Then I need to copy these files and rename them to d1.out and
d2.out....However the <copy> file, Get, and Move task require the
exact name of the file to be specified. I also tried using mapper with
type set to glob. i.e.,

<mapper type="glob" from="*1.out" to="d1.out"/>

However doing so resulted the file to be renamed asd d1.outxyz1.out

Is there a better way of renaming files?


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