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From Ninju Bohra <>
Subject How to get a directory name
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:50:49 GMT
Hey Guys,

I am befuttled as to exactly how to do this...

I have releases going to a directory tree

       ---- lib
       ---- lib
       ---- lib
       ---- lib

(each build is in a seperate directory under a root
release directory, note there are a number
sub-directories under each build directory)

Now, I need to the get the latest build directory
(i.e. Release2.0Build403 in case above) into a

Here is what I have already...
       <path id="builds">
       <property name=""
       <sortlist property="sorted.builds"
       <echo message=" =
       <echo message="sorted.builds =

Two Questions:

1) How do I limit the number of directories that are
returned in the <dirset> to just the first level
2) Is it necessary to do the <sortlist> or does the
<dirset> return them in sorted order>
3) Any ideas on the best way to extract the largest
build number values from either the or
sorted.builds property, I thought of using the
<propertyRegExp> but could not come up with the
appropriate expression?

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