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From Ninju Bohra <>
Subject Re: VSS Re-Labeling
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 20:18:58 GMT
If you find that you can do something using the ss
command line app that you can't do via the VSS task(s)
you have two options:

1) Use the <exec> task and invoke the ss command line
app directly
2) Modify the MSVSS(LABEL, AND, CREATE, etc...) task
classes to take the addition parameters.  These task
classes are merely thin wrappers that merely invoke
the ss comand line apps internally.

If you find that you need to do something that the ss
command line app don't directly do, that is a lot
harder because the ANT tasks are intrinsticly limited
to the ss command line capabilities.

Good Luck.

Ninju Bohra
--- "Velagapudi, Murali"
<> wrote:

> Hi,
> ss Label $/root/java2/ "-vl label1" "-l
> label2" -I-Y
>   By Executing the above command it renames the
> label1 to label2 for the file
> is there any way to do this from ANT,
>  Finally I wanted to re-label all the files in the
> project under root which have "label1" 
> but if i give the command 
> ss Label $/root/java2/*.* "-vl label1" "-l label2"
> -I-Y  
> This command only re-labels the files under java2
> directory and 
> if there any files in the sub-directory it is not
> changing the
> label for those files ,is there any way i can do
> this using ANT,VSS task
> i had tried like this
> vsslabel =Project.createTask("vsslabel");
> vsslabel.setLogin("logindetails");
> vsslabel.setVsspath("$/root/java2/");
> vsslabel.setAutoresponse("Y");
> vsslabel.setLabel("label2");
> vsslabel.perform();
> but in there are no methods to specify the old
> label.
> there is a method vsslabel.setVersion(); how can i
> get the version number of the "label1"?
> thanks,
> Murali
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