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From Matt Benson <>
Subject RE: How to supress output
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 18:21:37 GMT
--- "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)"
<> wrote:

> I have ClearCase. I can test it. Although I am not a
> committer, I have contributed tasks and bug fixes. I
> was a little surprised by Steve Loughran's response
> to the bug report.
> Steve, Question: Does developer = committer ? Since
> the project is open source, isn't anyone who
> contributes to the code a developer?

I imagine Steve meant that no -committer- has
ClearCase.  You are correct that anyone who has made
contributions is considered a developer.  Refer to the
Ant Project Bylaws for the official word on developer
vs. committer vs. PMC member:

As for your testing the ClearCase changes, I
understand Steve's comments on that bug to say (and I
have said something similar to a user about running
the startup scripts on an obscure shell) that if we
get a submission that compiles, for something we can't
test, we can assume it works if the community reports
that as being the case.  It can then be added to an
existing optional task.  Note that this is exactly the
kind of situation that explains why we are loath to
add more optional tasks to Ant.

> -Rob Anderson

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