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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: cvs with ant
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 17:47:04 GMT

--- wrote:

> I believe the cvs login command accepts a password
> on the command line?

Yes, cvs login when issued from command line does
prompt for a password.

> I would also bet that eclipse works well with ant
> "input" task.

Well, I tried Ant <input> task from Eclipse 3.0 a
month ago and Eclipse gave an error saying cannot read
from standard in and so I gave it up.

> So, have your ant login target use the "input" to
> accept the password
> and then pass it as a parameter to cvs from ant.

CVS login from Ant follows different mechanism: you do
not use <cvs command="login"...>; instead you use
<cvspass> task in the following manner:
<cvspass cvsroot="..." password="..." passfile="...">.
The task takes the password attribute, scrambles it
and then places in in passfile. Later, when you do
some CVS operations in your build file, the password
is taken from the passfile and is descrambled. Here is
a working example taken from a ant script of mine:

<cvspass cvsroot="${product.cvsroot}"                 
<cvs cvsroot="${product.cvsroot}" command="-Q
<cvs cvsroot="${product.cvsroot}" command="logout"/>

HTH Ivan

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