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From Yves Martin <>
Subject Re: why doesn't work on ant 1.6.1
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:03:16 GMT
Engin Erdem <> writes:

> we have a piece of code that uses ant api and a build
> file to control our build  process. this code works on
> ant 1.4.1 version but not in 1.6.1 version, I searched
> mailing lists but I did'nt find any suggestions.
> what is the problem???
> you can test them with the code and build file below

 From my experience, I guess the 'init' calls are involved. Let's try to remove
 your two 'init' in 'execute'.

 May you be more clear when saying "does not with in 1.6.1" ? Is there an
 BuildException ? What does the 'debug' mode shows you ? Does nothing happen ?
 Have you try to connect to Ant with a debugger, put a breakpoint in your
 'execute' and see what happens ?

 I invite you to replace

       CallTarget callTarget = new CallTarget();
   CallTarget callTarget =
      (CallTarget) getProject().createTask("antcall");

 and call 'execute' immediately after setting parameters (no 'init' so).

 Hope this helps
Yves Martin

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