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Subject Ant VssHistory task behavior problem - am I missing something?
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:36:15 GMT
First, my versions:
Ant 1.6.2
Windows XP SP2
Visual Source Safe 6.0

I'm having problems specifying a short time interval for checkins using 
the VssHistory task. I have to specify what I think is a pretty large time 
interval in order to see any project history at all.

I want to run a sort of continuous report on activity in one of our VSS 
projects - I want to run a report every half hour or so, but it doesn't 
seem to work the way I want.

If you look at my code below, and the attached log, you'll notice the time 

I ran this report:

[echo] 11:29:04:11:53PM from
[echo] 11:30:04:05:08PM to

You'll notice that I got a list of code changes back - all good. The 
problem is that for this report run, I can't make the offset (-1035, 
minutes) any smaller 
than this - even 1 minute less at this time and I don't see any code 
changes in the report at all. This offset changes, based on something I 
can't figure out.

Should I be able to report code changes on a per-minute basis, if I wanted 

to? Is there a minimum time "gap" that can be reported on? You can see 
from the below target, and log file that I've had code changes all day 

Here's my target:

<target name="report_changes">
                <format property="to.tstamp" pattern="M:d:yy:hh:mma" />
                <format property="from.tstamp" pattern="M:d:yy:hh:mma" 
offset="-1035" unit="minute"/>
        <echo message="${from.tstamp} from"/>
        <echo message="${to.tstamp} to"/>
        <concat destfile="change_notes.log" >
            <fileset dir="." includes="header.log" />
            <fileset dir="." includes="net.log" />
            <fileset dir="." includes="jsp.log" />
            <fileset dir="." includes="gui.log" />

Here's a log of the changes that occurred today:

*****  *****
Version 84
User: asdf         Date: 11/30/04   Time:  2:26p
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp/includes
Comment: remove asdfa
*****  *****
Version 27
User: adsf         Date: 11/30/04   Time:  2:25p
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp/includes
Comment: 1. fixed the property name of blah

2. Defect 1202 new entry

*****  en.jsp  *****
Version 128
User: asfd         Date: 11/30/04   Time:  2:23p
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp/summary
Comment: defect #1202

*****  Enrollment.jsp  *****
Version 23
User: asdf     Date: 11/30/04   Time:  1:38p
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp
Comment: Defect 1205 tabadatafont changes

*****  Contact_en.jsp  *****
Version 8
User: asdf         Date: 11/30/04   Time:  1:12p
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp
Comment: correct the logic

*****  *****
Version 26
User: asdf         Date: 11/30/04   Time:  9:50a
Checked in $/path/development/GUI/jsp/includes
Comment: added =page header

Ed Wittmann

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