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Subject EarExport inside WSAD
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 13:44:46 GMT

Hi All,

I'm using WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1 and trying to export
an EAR using earExport. It's failing with the following error message :
exception.InvocationTargetException:Error exporting EAR file.

Any insights ?

Here is the complete output from the build : -


Apache Ant version 1.5.3 compiled on April 9 2003
Apache Ant version 1.5.3 compiled on April 9 2003
Buildfile: C:\IBM\wsappdevie51\workspace\XYZEAR\echo.xml
 +User task: eclipse.fetch
 +User task: eclipse.buildScript
 +User task: eclipse.buildManifest
 +User task: classifier
 +User task: generator
 +User task: activator
 +User task: configuration
 +User task: eclipse.convertPath
 +User task: eclipse.incrementalBuild
 +User task: eclipse.refreshLocal
 +User task: setDebugInfo
 +User task: projectBuild
 +User task: compileWorkspace
 +User task: getJavacErrorCount
 +User task: getProjectData
 +User task: headlessWorkspaceSettings
 +User task: resetWorkspace
 +User task: earExport
 +User task: utilJar
 +User task: warExport
 +User task: appClientExport
 +User task: pde.convertSchemaToHTML
 +User task: ejbDeploy
 +User task: ejbExport
 +User task: accessBeanRegeneration
parsing buildfile C:\IBM\wsappdevie51\workspace\XYZEAR\echo.xml with URI =
Setting ro project property: -> ExportEar
Adding reference: ExportEar ->
Project base dir set to: C:\IBM\wsappdevie51\workspace\XYZEAR
 +Target: ExportXYZEAR
   +Task: echo
   +Task: earExport
Arguments: -debug -verbose
Build sequence for target `ExportXYZEAR' is [ExportXYZEAR]
Complete build sequence is [ExportXYZEAR]

Adding reference: eclipse.progress.monitor ->
        [echo] HELLO from echo
Adding reference: eclipse.progress.monitor ->
   [earExport] Exporting: XYZEAR ...
   [earExport] Exporting: XYZEAR ... Updating....
   [earExport] Exporting: XYZEAR ... Done.
   [earExport] BUILD FAILED:
exception.InvocationTargetException:Error exporting EAR file.
Total time: 40 seconds

Thanks and  Regards,


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