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Subject Re: Ant and PVCS 8.0
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:09:23 GMT
Well, I got stuff to work -

First of all, version 8 of PVCS uses this new license managment thingy 
from Macrovision (flexlm) so if you specify a project db, you have to also 
specify the config file or you get stupid "can't get license file" errors.

The pvcs target included with ant (as of 1.6.2) is missing (IMHO) some 
useful patches by Andrew May.


I added this code to the ant source and built it - it does change the PVCS 
ant targets considerably, but the functionality is much improved. Does 
anyone know why these patches were never added? Should this be on the 
developer list?

Lastly, in order to use the new tasks, I have to specifically do a 
"taskdef" to use the new tasks:


<taskdef name="pvcsget" 

<target name="test">


I changed to include the new tasks, what else do I have 
to do to avoid having to use taskdefs? Should I care?


Ed Wittmann

"Brass Tilde" <>
12/13/2004 10:40 AM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"
        To:     <>
        Subject:        Re: Ant and PVCS 8.0

> Is anyone here using Ant against PVCS 8? The older pvcs tasks built into
> Ant don't seem to work correctly after I tried them out.

Not using PVCS 80., but rather 6.8 (on Win2K, SP4), but I received an 
similar to yours when I first tried this.

What I found (for version 6.8) is that I had to provide some additional
information in the form of a hardcoded literal to the PVCS task.  Note the
inclusion of "/ProjectFolder/" in the pvcsproj property which is then 
to "repository" parameter in the PVCS task.  This value must be supplied,
and is apparently the same for each project, no matter its location in 

Note also the *absence* of the workspace parameter.  The PVCS task uses 
output of the PCLI cammand as input to the GET command, and so uses
workspaces defined within PVCS itself to determine the location to which 
source gets checked out.  Since we have only one workspace defined, 
this empty was the easiest.

This example also assumes that your PCVS project is the same same as the property.

    <project name="Application" default="checkout" basedir=".">
      <description>Build Application</description>

      <!-- Global Properties -->
      <property name="pvcsrepos"  value="\\server\share\dir" />
      <property name="pvcsproj" value="/ProjectFolder/${}"

      <target name="checkout">
        <pvcs repository="${pvcsrepos}" pvcsproject="${pvcsproj}" />


I figured this out by directly executing the PCLI command that ant was
executing, since it so kindly outputs it, and noting the error produced
thereby, so if this doesn't work for you, that course may give you some

I hope this helps.


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