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From "Daniel Lipofsky" <>
Subject Problems with <filter>
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 23:26:17 GMT

I would expect that <filter filtersfile="..."/> would load
properties the same way as <property file="..."/>.
But I would be wrong.  Is this a bug?  I was hoping to use
the same files to set properties and filters.

The most annoying difference is that the in-file property expansion
that works so nicely for property files does not happen with
filter files.  So you can do stuff like this in property files


but not in filter files.

Also properties are immutable but filter
tokens are not, so with multiple files you
have to reverse the load order.

Ideally I would like to copy everything defined as
a property to a filter token.  Does anyone have a way
to do this?

Also is there anyway to turn off the messages like
[copy] Replacing:  @...@ -> ...


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