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From "Mark Lybarger" <>
Subject jar management techniques
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:53:35 GMT
we have a project that consists of an ejb module and a web module. the ejb module uses some
3rd party jars that are made available in the ear via the ejb jar's our current
practice and setup is to put all jars into our project sources's WEB-INF/lib folder. when
building the ejb module, we try to include only the needed jars for that module. the web module
still gets left with all the cruft. we have also put in build time tools (cactus jars, xdoclet
jars, etc) into the web-inf/lib folder. 

it's time to clean up that web-inf/lib folder. it has grown to 25MB in size. one main problem
is that we really don't know what in there is required for the web tier. years back, the project
started with a turbine framework (TDK) that included a lot of unneeded jars in it's web-inf/lib
directory, just in case you were to use them. and we've added to it over the time, and don't
have a very good history of each jar ( we've migrated version control software from VSS to
CVS and restoring VSS is challenging ).

i'm looking for suggestions, ideas, examples and common practices for managing 3rd party libraries.
we're using ant for our build tool. just recently, our team created a folder utility/ant to
store some ant build specific libraries. that's about the best we've gotten thus far to keep
cruft out of the web-inf/lib folder.

any suggestions/ideas would be most appreciated. 

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