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From "Robert Soesemann" <>
Subject RE: Release log file lock from <record>
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 08:23:25 GMT
Here is a snippet of my code. Maybe its because I am not only moving it,
but also changing its content.

I'm getting the error:
BUILD FAILED: D:\...\build.xml:190: IOException in D:\..\log.tmp - to delete D:\..\log.tmp while trying to
rename D:\..\rep2008241113.tmp

   <!-- ================ Target 5: Validate Attributes  ================
    <target name="5_ValidateAttributes" depends="4_ValidateRelations">
    	<echo message="${br}5 Validate files" file="${abs-logfile}"
level="info" append="yes"/>
    	<record name="${abs-logfile}" action="start" loglevel="error"
append="yes" />
    	<xslt basedir="${kiwi-rel_dir}" 
    	<record name="${abs-logfile}" action="stop"/>
    <target name="FullProcess" depends="6_KIWI2VignetteXML"
description="Finalize complete migration process">
     	<copy file="${logfile}" tofile="log.txt"/>
    	<replace file="log.txt" token="/" value="\"/>
    	<replace file="log.txt" token="${basedir}\${tmp_dir}\"

Any ideas?
-----Original Message-----
From: Ivan Ivanov [] 
Sent: Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2004 08:49
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Release log file lock from <record>

The follwoinf script works in my environment (Fedora
Core 2 Linux):
     <record name="log.txt" action="start"/>
     <echo message="test inside record"/>
     <record name="log.txt" action="stop"/>
     <echo message="test outside record"/>
     <move file="log.txt" tofile="test.txt"/>


--- Robert Soesemann <> wrote:

> Hello,
> In my build script I use the <record> task to echo
> errors to a log file.
> At the end of my script i want to perform some
> operations (replace,
> rename) on that file.
> But this does not work, as ant hold a lock on that
> file the whole time.
> How can I release that?
> Regards,
> R.
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