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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: Me Too! Re: Ant and CCC-harvest
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 17:49:08 GMT
At 11:51 2004-12-15, you wrote:
>  We used to have version control commands in our build script, but 
> eventually it became apparent that it was wrong. It is much better to 
> handle all VCS stuff outside of the build by another script (for example, 
> by Maven).

No argument  -- I normally handle SCM stuff in a script other than the 
"build" script.

>  In any case, <exec> or <scriptdef> can cover anything, so why wait for 
> somebody else to write those tasks?

You've obviously never looked at CCC Harvest...  it has roughly ~25 
commands each taking 10+ parameters (most of which are seemingly redundant 
to someone experienced with CVS, VSS, PVCS or other SCM systems)

If someone else has wrapped those tasks or written the stuff to invoke it, 
why re-invent the wheel?

>- Alexey.
>Ken Gentle wrote:
>>I too am currently having CCC Harvest inflicted on me.  Ant tasks or an 
>>example of using Ant to work with Harvest would be greatly appreciated!
>>         Ken
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