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From "Sadaf_Choudhry" <>
Subject java cup and ant
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:49:16 GMT
I have the following script

	<java classpathref="classpath" classname="java_cup.Main">
		<arg value="-symbols"/>
		<arg value="${file}Sym"/>
		<arg value="-parser"/>
		<arg value="${file}"/>
		<arg value="-package"/>
		<arg value="mypackage.${file}"/>
		<arg value="&lt; ${file}.cup"/>

I get the following problem:
    [java] Unrecognized option "< condition.cup"

    [java] Usage: java_cup [options]
    [java]   and expects a specification file on standard input.
    [java]   Legal options include:
    [java]     -package name  specify package generated classes go in

The value of the variable file is "condition"
Anybody ever done this through ant?? Any pointers??


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