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From "Rebhan, Gilbert" <>
Subject RE: txtfile with various lines
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 16:25:43 GMT

Hi, thanks Jan, didn't realise at first glance that unset properties 
are echoed as -> ${}

Solved it like that :

<loadfile srcfile=".\${temp.deploy}/bla.txt" property="infomail.servrestart">
            <regexp pattern="^CAUTION"/>

(The property -if set- has to appear in a messagefile that is sent via mail)

<target name="servrestart" if="infomail.servrestart">
    <echo file = ".\${temp.deploy}/infomail.txt" append="true">
    "!!! ${infomail.servrestart} !!!"

Thanks to list for input !!


-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 3:26 PM
Subject: AW: txtfile with various lines

> in other words
> <echo message=${servrestart}/>

Sorry that is invalid - invalid xml. Attribute values have to be quoted.

<echo message="${servrestart}"/>

Then the Ant runtime would search for a property servrestart and evaluates
that to its value or - if not set - to ${servrestart}. So you´ll get
a) with value=Hello World
   [echo] Hello World
b) not set
   [echo] ${servrestart}

Back to the original thread: what you can do with unset properties is

<target name="server.check">
    <loadfile property="servrestart"> ...
<target name="server" depends="server.check" if="servrestart">
    <echo>Property set. Server has to be restarted.</echo>


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