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From <>
Subject RE: AW: How to delete files from a zip/jar?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 15:53:55 GMT

> writes:
> >> zip -d target.jar `jar -tf compare.jar | grep \.class`
> >
> > Nice command :-)
> > But the 
> >     `jar -tf compare.jar | grep \.class`
> > is evaluated by the shell to get a fileset which is passed to
> > the zip command.
> >
> > So I think you have to split that command in two.
>  The magic xargs comes here for you !!
>   jar tf compare.jar | grep \.class | xargs zip -d target.jar

I changed the command now to this, which is also working:

	<target name="jardelete" depends="" >
		<exec executable="sh">
			<arg line="-c &quot;zip -d ${} $(jar -tf ${} |
grep \.class)&quot;"/>

=> sh -c "zip -d target.jar $(tar -tf compare.jar | grep \.class)"

the $(...) has the same functionality as the quotes `...` but are easier to read. Now I only
have to resolve some backwards/forwards slashes problem, to get the issue resolved :-)

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