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From "Jeff Davidson" <>
Subject RE: using ant for non-java builds?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 16:53:00 GMT
I disagree that CruiseControl is most suitable for Java.  The truth is
CruiseControl has no preference or better support for any language.  Its
only association with Java is that it, and its plugins, are written in Java.
The set of commands available in the CruiseControl config file does not lend
itself *more* to Java than some other language (modificationsets, builders,
and publishers).

My build process runs CruiseControl to monitor CVS, and then kicks off Ant
to build Delphi and C++ applications, whereon CruiseControl then publishes
the build results and artifacts.

Ant with CruiseControl makes an excellent, highly flexible choice for (my)
CI projects.

~Jeff D.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharad Jain [] 
Sent: December 7, 2004 07:31
Subject: Re: using ant for non-java builds?

You might also want to explore CruiseControl for Automated Build Process
(Continuous Integration).
Although, cruisecontrol is most suitable for Java, many people have been
quite successful in using it for native compilation of all kinds.

>>I will shorthly be automating a build process for an application 
>>developed in Forte.
>>I'm trying to decide what tool to use to develop the build scripts.
>>There are plans in the next 8 months to start re-developing the 
>>application in Java.
>>In the past I have automated builds via a combination of Makefiles, 
>>shell scripts and perl scripts and have not developed ant scripts 
>>I am wondering if anyone has any experience in automating builds in 
>>ant for non-java based applications and if they would recommend using 
>>ant or not.
>>If feasable I may end up using a combination of perl and ant scripts.

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