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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject Re: fileset fails when base dir is missing
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 19:44:29 GMT
I usually execute <mkdir> in this situation - an empty directory does 
not affect anything else and makes some commands happy.

- Alexey. wrote:

>I am constructing a classpath that includes a fileset.  Sometimes, the 
>base directory for that fileset does not exist.  I would like Ant to 
>simply accept this as an empty fileset and move on.  Instead, Ant quits 
>with an error, complaining that the directory is not found.  How should
>resolve this problem?
>In other words...
><path id="cp">
>        <fileset dir="lib" includes="**/*.jar"/>
>        <pathelement location="a.jar"/>
>        <pathelement location="b.jar"/>
>        <pathelement location="c.jar"/>
>        destdir="${classes}"
>        <src path="${src}"/>
>        <classpath>
>                <path refid="cp"/>
>        </classpath>
>...fails if the "lib" folder does not exist.  I would rather have Ant
>keep on going.  Any ideas?

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