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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: ZIP task å,ä and ö
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 07:44:40 GMT
Peter Wåhlander wrote:

> This directories which names contains the character å,ä and ö. When I unzip
> using Windows XP:s built in unzipper these caracters are
> lost. I have tried:

The problem is almost definitely related to the unzipper. I have a 
similar problem with Tomcat: Tomcat is unable to extract files that have 
ISO-8859-1 encoding for filenames, forcing me to use WinZip for 
extraction of web archives. If I use UTF-8 encoding, I can extract the 
files with Tomcat, but not with Winzip.

On the background: The Zip "standard" has never specified how to handle 
encoding of file names. As a consequence, anyone chooses his preferred 
way of file name encoding. For example, the classes will 
*always* use UTF-8 (see WinZip will 
*always* use the default encoding, which depends on the Locale. I have 
no idea, what unzipper does, but it seems to have yet another style.


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